Welcome to our Tutorial on how to collect client documents in 3 easy steps with Clust.ย 

So you just joined Clust and want to start collecting anyone's documents within the next 15 minutes? It takes 3 steps to get started if your an Admin.ย 

Admin? Get started with Clust

1.Set up your account and company
2.Create or import a template from the Clust Templates section (Smart list of supporting documents)
3.Create a Document Request to collect documents from a recipient

๐Ÿ”” Did you receive a Clust Document Request?

๐Ÿ””The Help center has over 100 articles to get you and your team up to speed with Clust. A quick search from the chat window (In your Clust account will help you get all the answers you need in no time

What is Clust?

How many team members can I add?

How to add a team member?

How many Document requests can I send?

I am a team member, how do I get started?ย 

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