Not so long ago you received for the first time a Clust Document Request. And you're wondering what to do? 

I am here to walk you through your application.

1.What is Clust ?
Clust is a secure document collection service. It allows professionals (like the Requester which name is displayed on your portal) to gather documents and information from their clients in a secure way.

2.Why did I receive a Document Request?
You probably received a document request because you applied for a service provided by your requester:
A loan or rental application for example?
The Requester is a member of the Clust community which gathers modern professionals who care about their customers' experience and data privacy.
It is safe for you to use Clust.

2.What do I need to do now?
Chances are that your Requester shared instructions through the portal, we encourage you to read carefully this information.

From the main screen you'll be able to share your documents with the requester in a secure way. You can also access the secure portal from your mobile phone and take pictures of the required documents. 

Also take the time to read generic information available on the 'information' tab.

🔔 Specific instructions for each document is available directly under each required document.

Hover your mouse over each icons to see if a document is mandatory, read additional instructions or mark a document as not applicable to your situation.

3.Any questions about your application?
Head over to the Messages tab and send your questions securely from your portal.

4. Having a technical problem or an idea?

If something is wrong with your portal (doesn't display correctly or there is a bug) or you just want to say hi or share an idea, send us a message at [email protected]

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