As an admin or Manager,  you can use Folders to  group your Document requests and keep them organised. 

How to create a Folder? 

  1. Go to 'Resources> My folders'
  2. Click on the 'New folder' button and name your folder
  3. Validate to create a folder

How to move a Document request into a Folder?

1. Open the Document Request

2. Go to 'Request Options'
3. In the 'Other Options' section, pick the folder in which you'd like to move your Document request
4. Click on the 'Confirm' button

How to create folder while sending Document Requests?

You can create or organize folders when sending Document Requests.
At the 'Setup' stage, (step 2 of a Document request) all you have to do it to pick the folder where you want to save your Document Request.

How to view the content of a folder?

1.Go to the Folders section (Resources>Folders)
2.Click on 'View content' to see what's in it
3. The list of Document Requests assigned to this folder will show
4. Use the filter to switch from one folder to another

How to delete a folder ?

1.Go to Resources>Folders
2.On the folder you would like to delete, click on the secondary button 'Delete'
3. Validate to make sure the folder is deleted

🔔 Deleting a folder has no effect on the Document requests that used to be stored in it.

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