Adding conditions to specific documents based on a recipient's profile. 

As you may already know, most lists of required documents have a countless number of conditions, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to understand. 

Using Clust, you'll be able to assign to each document you require, a specific condition in order to display a matching list to your recipients, automatically!

Here is how it works:

A condition is a combination of a document (or form) and a value.
The value in this case describes the situation or the recipient profile. Eg: married, single, tenant etc.

How to create conditions ?

1. Go to one of your Clust templates

2. Select the document or line item which applies in a certain condition and click
'Setup' to open the settings window.

3. Go to the 'Conditions' tab and select the value that applies for the related document

🔔 Documents with no conditions will be displayed (therefore required) to ALL recipients. Make sure you add a condition to each document as soon as it applies to a group of people.

How to create your own list of conditions?

You can also create a custom list of conditions.
1.Go to one Template and click on 'Template details'

2. Add your own value in the 'Advanced options' section using the following example. Adding an Hashtag in front of a text will create a category.

How does it work for a recipient? 

Find out below what your recipients will see.

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